Over 10 million civilians abducted or deported to Germany during WWII - forced to labor in factories and on farms in poor conditions. 2.2 million were from Ukraine. My grandmother was one of them.

Filmmaker Lukia Costello's grandmother was a severely damaged human being. Restless in anger, peaceful only when ill; and happiest when sharing tales that highlighted her beauty and shrewd brilliance; a classic, if undiagnosed, case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What her harsh persona an effect of her wartime experience? What of her abusive nature was innate, familial? What of it was a bi-product Western Ukraine's brutal pre-war experience under Stalin?

Combining the suspense of ‘How to Make a Murderer’, the creativity of ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ and the participatory storytelling of 'Sherman's March' and 'The Stories We Tell', Ostarbeiter utilizes live action and animated re-enactment to reveal a story of family separation, inherited traumas and a largely undocumented chapter of WWII history.

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