A renegade street artist finds herself on the run from the law​ - uploading videos to the dark net​ ​- in order to share her side of the story of how a search for female friendship - led to MURDER! 

Why I Murdered My Roommate (#WIMMR) is ‘The Fugitive’ meets ‘Broad City’. Told in flashback with razor wit inserts and animations, #WIMMR pokes holes in grand institutions like academia, celebrity culture, and performance art, all while celebrating the many forms of human fallibility. The characters that populate the series are quirky and appealing; like the personalities on Seinfeld, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Lady Dynamite - they speak to the misfit in all of us. 

Featuring: Tilke Hill (Elizabeth Bathory, Cold Brook, The Last Year), Tate Ammons (Justified, Ray Donovan, Ideas with Ponytails), Nicole Dionne (Claws, The Watcher, Back Roads, Jackpot), Aaron Moss (The First Purge, American Hustle, The Wire) and singer, songwriter video and performance artist Dorian Electra.

Created and Written by Tilke Hill & Michael Pauly

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